The American Medical Association was kind enough to put together a video explaining what and how telemedicine helps makes going to the doctor easier.

What is Telemedicine Video

But if you don’t want to watch that, let me explain.

Doctors have realized over time, that certain illnesses can be treated without having to physically see a doctor.  We all know what a cold or flu looks like and what treatment works. We also all know what poison ivy looks like, or acne, or minor burns. There are a lot of minor illnesses that we want to treat with medicine that requires a prescription, but doesn’t necessarily need a full blown doctor visit or checkup.

Over time, communications technology has improved. We can now talk on a telephone, use video chat, electronically send documents, pictures, and text messages. Today, electronic communications are safe and secure.  More importantly, it’s private!

Telemedicine combines convenience, communications access, technology, and privacy to provide effective healthcare for patients. Our platform lets you talk to a doctor, explain or show them what’s bothering you, get advice and, get treatment advice for a doctor, and if you need one, get prescription medicine by simply using your smartphone, in a place that is private.

Telemedicine cannot treat everything. So if you call one of our doctors and show him or her your broken arm, he or she is going to send you to an emergency room.  So as a rule, if your problem can be treated with a pill or an ointment, Tele-Medicine is the best option.

It doesn’t end there. One great thing about having access to doctors is you can get advice.

New mothers, wondering about what’s going on with your baby, a quick call get answers.  If you have a question about vaccinations or the flu shot, a quick call get knowledge. You can talk to a real doctor in under ten minutes and have peace of mind in twelve.

Telemedicine is easy to use, and the average American family saves over $2,700 a year using telemedicine. That’s enough to take a vacation !!!