Explore All Available Benefits

Explore and understand all the benefits that are available to you so you can decide on what the right number of benefits is best for you and your family to have peace of mind about excessive medical and healthcare related expenses.

Decide What Benefits Are Desired

Decide which benefit you and your family would likely use during the course of a normal year.  Add the benefit to your desired benefits list, even if you feel you would only use it once per year and you would normally not pay to have it.

Select Your Peace Of Mind Number

Decide how many benefits you need active at the same time during the average month and only activate that exact number of benefits.   Or simply pick an amount you are prepared to spend in order for you family to take full advantage of the savings available, and maximize the number of benefits you can activate.

Manage Your Active Benefits

Once you have activated your benefits, you can begin managing your active benefits.  The rules are very simple, you can change one or all of your active benefits each month, as long and you login to your account and tell us what benefits you want to activate for the next month, no later than the 25th calendar day of the previous month.